Vehicle Based Food Business

Step 1. What type of Vehicle Based Food Vendor are you?

Special Event (Business Grand Openings, Launch Parties, Farmer's Market, Water Follies, 4th of July)

  • Request that your event organizer list you as a participating business on their special event permit.
  • Proceed to Step Three

Vehicle Based Food Business (VBFB) Short Term Location (Operates daily/weekly at various locations, less than one hour at a time)

Vehicle Based Food Business (VBFB) Long Term Location (Operates daily/weekly at one location in Kennewick, more than one hour at a time)

Step 2. What type of site are you locating at?

Pre-Approved Site for VBFB (Property Owner has submitted and received approval for a VBFB pad site - recommended)

New Site needing approval for a VBFB pad site

**Staff recommends the Property Owner apply for this Permit**

The following items are required for your site plan submittal:

  • Download a parcel map to detail the location of your VBFB
    • Location of food truck in relation to other structure on site
    • Location of outdoor seating, number of seats, and layout
    • Location of existing parking stalls
  • Copy of Restroom Agreement
  • Copy of Discharge Plan (for fats/oils/grease) or agreement with an off-site disposal location
  • Department of Labor and Industries Approval (as required)
  • Landscape and topography/grading plans are NOT required for a VBFB pad site
  • Lighting Plans are only required if new lighting will be installed on-site

Step 3. Obtain a Business License

Submit your Business License Application Online

Please note: If you're participating in a permitted temporary event, the event organizer may pay for a $15 temporary business license, and a permanent license is not required. If you anticipate participating in three or more events annually, we recommend you get a permanent business license to save on temporary license fees.

After your temporary or permanent business license application is received Customer Service will contact you:

  • For copies of required agreements (noted above)
  • To schedule a fire department inspection of your vehicle. Fire Department inspections utilize a standardized checklist to determine compliance with life safety regulations.

If no site plan was required in previous steps, you may still need to submit:

food truck court
  1. Business Licensing

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    Phone: 509-585-4268