Step 6 - Residential

6.4 RESIDENTIAL BUILDING PERMITS: How do you submit your building plans and application?

You will need to apply for a residential building permit if you are constructing a new single-family residence, doing a remodel/addition or miscellaneous residential project.

Review the application process below for step-by-step guidance.

Determine if you will submit application materials via Express or Over-the-Counter

Step 6 Permitting Step 1

Express Permitting:

Express permitting provides an option to receive permits within 2-3 business days and requires a 20% convenience fee.

  • New single-family applications are processed online and paid for when application is made.
  • Miscellaneous residential express permits are processed in-person and paid for when application is made.

Over-the-Counter Permitting:

After providing a complete submittal, typical turnaround time is usually within 15 business days. No convenience fee required.

Prepare your application for submittal

Step 6 Permitting Step 2
New Single-Family Residential
  • Review the Standard Residential Setback Requirements
  • Assemble your application materials:
    • Over-the-counter Single Family Residential Application or
    • Information and guidelines for an online Express Permit-Single Family Dwellings Application

Miscellaneous Residential

  • Assemble your application materials:
    • Review Kennewick’s Building Applications & Forms list for available miscellaneous permit applications 
      • Ensure all ALL items on the application checklists are on the plans
      • Ensure the parcel number/tax ID number is on your plans (Look it up using Kennewick’s Parcel Map)

Pay and receive your applicable building permits
Step 6 Permitting Step 4After submitting your application package (Over-the-counter OR via Express) the city departments will review them to ensure completeness. Subsequent submittals may be required for missing information.
  • If applicable, review and respond to any questions from the city and resubmit

Inspections and Occupancy
Step 6 Permitting Step 5
Review sections (5) and (6) for details

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