Fillmore & Okanogan Water/Sewer P1814

Important Dates

Location:         See Description Below

Est. Cost:        $ 416,000


The contractor for this project was Sharpe & Preszler Construction.This project included construction of the following: Approximately 380 lineal feet of 8-inch PVC gravity sewer main, from W. Okanogan Ave. and N. Fillmore St. to the north end of Fillmore (dead end) and from W. Okanogan Ave. and N. Edison Place to the south end of Edison (cul-de-sac), and two standard 48-inch concrete manholes. Additionally there is approximately 1,300 lineal feet of 8-inch water line installation, abandonment of the existing water line and a 1-inch HMA overlay. Work also included installation of water lines, water services, fire hydrants, sewer lines, sewer manholes and sewer service lines, trench restoration and other miscellaneous work as called for on the construction plans and these special provisions.