Application F.A.Q.

Is there a limit to the type of structure I can propose for outdoor seating?

No, but we do suggest that if you plan to propose an on-street structure that you utilize a pre-engineered option. There are several manufacturers of on-street parklets or pop-up-parks that make the creation of a StrEatery easy to plan and propose. Most of these manufacturers have the added benefit of having completed a StrEatery type structure before, and have experience with life safety, building, and similar code compliance.

If you're proposing a structure that is on your own property and out of the public right-of-way, you may have already put together a design that doesn't include a pre-engineered structure. While this type of structure is perfectly suitable, please be aware that requirements on funding may preclude the cost-effective construction of your proposal.

Examples include Bison Pop-Up-Parks, Arteka Companies, Streetscapes.

What is CDBG and how can I utilize this program?

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) are federal funding sources allocated to recipient communities, which can be used for housing development, economic development, and job creation. The City is an annual recipient of CDBG funds, which have been utilized in the past for facade improvements in Downtown and the installation of accessibly compliant sidewalks and sidewalk ramps.

For a project like a StrEatery, the funding is provided based upon the business being able to create a new job available to a low/moderate income individual by expanding their business operations. For every $35,000.00 granted by CDBG, there must be one job created. The City received $50,000.00 for this project, resulting in enough funding to create two $25,000.00 projects and two 0.75 Full-Time-Equivalent new jobs.

The City can utilize CDBG to match the investment made by the applicant, by covering some of the costs of permanent infrastructure. For example, the City could cover the cost of the permanent improvement (StrEatery procurement and install), and the business could purchase fencing, accessories, lighting, and tables/chairs as their match.

What are the requirements on the business after completing the StrEatery?

• Create within six months of project completion 0.75 Full-Time-Equivalent (per $25,000.00 in CDBG funding) employment positions, which are available to persons of low-or-moderate income. Income verification is not necessary, but the advertisement for such a position must reasonably allow a person with limited skill or education to obtain the position.

• Maintain the StrEatery base structure and added accessories/furnishings free from dirt, stains, and accumulation build-up to the extent practical of general maintenance and clean working order.

• Power-wash (or similar application) the base structure and furnishings as necessary to keep them free from excessive wear-and-tear, and to prolong the life of the base structure per manufacturer recommendations.

• Ensure that all movable furnishings are secured in a manner to prevent them from being stolen or tampered within with attended and/or unattended.

• Ensure that any and all electrical conduit and devices are secure from tampering and that passers-by are protected from injury.

• Ensure that the base structure is maintained level with the adjacent curb and pavement to the extent practical, and report to the City immediately any hazard of the base structure that must be rectified.

• Repair or replace immediately any portion of the base structure, added accessory structural components, furnishings to the extent required to maintain a safe and functional outdoor dining space.

• Report to the CIty immediately any extenuating circumstances rendering the StrEatery damaged beyond safe occupation, cost-effective repair, or sufficient accessibility for all patrons.
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    Economic Development Manager
    Phone: 509-585-4450