StrEatery Program

What is a StrEatery?

A StrEatery, also known as a Parklet or Pop-Up Park, is a type of platform that reclaims underutilized public space for pedestrian oriented outdoor dining. Typically these platforms are constructed on top of pavement in alleyways, existing on-street parallel or angled parking, or across public plazas. The structure itself is conducive to re-use of the public way due to its ability to be constructed to accessible design standards, and ability to create new public space where it would otherwise be limited.

 Kennewick’s StrEatery program

The City and Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership performed a survey to find out what residents, businesses, and visitors would like to see more of in our downtown. The recurring theme is a desire for outdoor dining spaces, which are not easily created in an area that is already relatively developed.

The City and Partnership looked at several factors in adding outdoor dining options in Historic Downtown, including:

  • The physical material cost to expand a level concrete area of sufficient width for outdoor dining is approximately $20,000 per parking space and is permanent, while a two parking space wide StrEatery is approximately $10,000 per parking space for a decking system and can be removed easily when necessary
  • Parking is underutilized on Downtown’s side-streets and parking lots
  • Two parking spaces hold two vehicles, with an average occupancy of two people or less; a StrEatery can accomodate up to 25 patrons - both with an average turnover of 1.5 hours
  • Nationally, parklets and streateries are occupied 46% of the time
  • StrEateries provide outdoor dining opportunities not otherwise possible, and encourage pedestrian oriented vitality

Rockabilly Roasting StrEatery

Rockabilly Roasting Streatery