Playground of Dreams Rebuild

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Claim Your Picket 

1,423 pickets engraved with names of generous donors who helped fund the 2004 playground rebuild after the original structure was destroyed by fire are being carefully removed by volunteers, and can be claimed by their owners through May 2019. Donors will be recognized at new signage at the rebuilt playground.

Please confirm the name as it is inscribe on the picket from the DONOR LIST, submit this SIMPLE FORM to request return of your picket, and you will be contacted when your picket has been retrieved and is ready for pickup at one of our Kennewick Recreation locations. The playground is still open and safe after the pickets have been removed. Please don’t attempt to remove pickets or any part of the playground structure during the rebuild project.


The Playground of Dreams is almost 18 years old. Recognizing the community’s passionate desire to preserve it from deterioration, a contractor was hired to complete a condition assessment. The report found even excessive repairs would likely not significantly extend the playground’s usability. Renovation is the most fiscally responsible option.

Playground of Dreams Frequently Asked Questions