Playground of Dreams Rebuild

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Temporary Closure for Rebuild September 14 - November

The last day to play on the "original" Playground of Dreams in Kennewick’s Columbia Park is Thursday, September 13. Thereafter, the wood structure that has endured 19 years of weather and heavy use will be replaced with a modern one that is safer and allows children of diverse abilities to play side-by-side with their peers.

The rebuild will take place in two phases, with the first to be completed in November, when it will be reopened for use. The second phase will take place in spring 2019.

Volunteers helped remove the memorial pickets that enclosed and helped fund the original structure, and city officials have salvaged donated embellishments and sponsorship plaques. The original supporters will be recognized along with the new sponsors of the rebuilt playground, city officials promise.

The playground was built by and continues to be owned by the community, and the contributions and memories that have been made over the years will be honored. To ensure future generations also get to make memories, the time has come to replace it.

The new design will incorporate iconic elements and new features the community asked for during 2017 open houses and surveys, including a hydroplane, the cable bridge, a lighthouse and a Lampson crane. First phase components will be connected by ramps and the second phase of the site poured with a surface that can be navigated by users with wheelchairs or mobility limitations.

The city budgeted $350,000 toward the $1 mil. inclusive playground, and are fundraising for the balance. Private contributions total $180,000 to date, and a major sponsorship partner is being sought. This is a highly visible attraction that creates a lot of happiness and impacts countless families. For sponsorship information, please contact [email protected]

Claim Your Picket

1,423 pickets engraved with names of generous donors who helped fund the 2004 playground rebuild after the original structure was destroyed by fire are being carefully removed by volunteers, and can be claimed by their owners through May 2019. Donors will be recognized at new signage at the rebuilt playground.

Please confirm the name as it is inscribe on the picket from the DONOR LIST, submit this SIMPLE FORM to request return of your picket.  Once you have submitted your claim form, your picket is available at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex Pavilion (largest building on site) at 2901 Southridge Blvd.  Please pick up during regular business hours.

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm


The Playground of Dreams is almost 18 years old. Recognizing the community’s passionate desire to preserve it from deterioration, a contractor was hired to complete a condition assessment. The report found even excessive repairs would likely not significantly extend the playground’s usability. Renovation is the most fiscally responsible option.

Playground of Dreams Frequently Asked Questions