Bicycle News

Major Projects
  • At the east end of Columbia Park at the underpass on the Kennewick side of the Blue Bridge: This part of the road is curvy and narrow, so it’s a bit of an adventure to ride through on a bike, especially if there’s significant traffic from either direction. To reduce the excitement factor, this section is being widened, and a wall on the south side is being added to increase the width of the bike and pedestrian lanes. To make things even ‘more boring’, a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) is planned for just east of the underpass, letting motorists know that pedestrians or two-wheeled travelers are crossing that part of the road that connects to the bike/ped lane on the Blue bridge, just east of the underpass. Pending final review, the City plans to bid and construct this summer. This project improves the on-street bike lane segments between the skate park and Blue Bridge including Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crossing just east of bridge.
  • Bike lanes, paving and sidewalks along the Bob Olson Parkway: Located in the Southridge area, just south of Thompson Hill, this is a westward extension of Hildebrand Blvd. along a road that is presently unpaved. This road will continue northwest to Steptoe and 10th, resulting in a new and safer route for cyclists traveling between Hildebrand and Steptoe. On a historical note, Mr. Olson was a Kennewick Council member for many years with a strong interest in city transportation issues.

Also in the Works…

Kennewick cyclists and walkers will also see a number of smaller, more local improvements made to the transportation infrastructure including the completion of many sidewalks and the addition of more RRFBs: 
  • There is a small sidewalk infill project that will soon be put out for bid to fill in short segments in miscellaneous locations, including a connection at the island by Columbia Dr. and SR 397.
  • Kennewick received a new grant to add bike lanes and sidewalks to Metaline between Kellogg & Edison. Timeline is 2017 or 2018 construction. 
  • Grant dollars have also been received to add bike lanes and sidewalk on 10th Avenue between Steptoe and Columbia Center Blvd. Project anticipated in 2018 or 2019
  • Community Development Block Grant projects in design are new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon crossings on Kellogg at Metaline, on Volland by WinCo, and on Washington at Kennewick Ave.
  • The city is also pursuing a grant for an RRFB at Washington and 6th Ave where a lot of high school kids cross.
  • The SR 397 Overlay project that just started includes bike lanes from 1st Ave north over the Cable Bridge. 
  • The City has not received funding for the bike path completion behind Duffy’s Pond between Clover Island and Columbia Dr. It is working to resolve access issues with completion of this path.

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