SR397 Storm Line

Important Dates

Start Date:     March, 2017
End Date:      April, 2017
Location:       SR397 north of 1st Avenue
Cost:             $90,622.00

Project Description

This project is for the removal of one tree, 40 feet of fencing and the establishment of traffic control needed to gain access to the eastern and western manholes in SR 397 in order to install the cured in place lining of 122 linear feet of 36 inch corrugated metal pipe. This project will require some lane closures and other traffic control as needed to establish a work area. This work will take place under the influence of upwelling ground water.  The project is located on State Route 397 (also called N. Gum Street) in Kennewick, Washington between East 1st Avenue and East Bruneau Avenue.


The project was awarded to Columbia Pumping & Construction, Inc. and contracts have been executed.  A notice to proceed date is pending coordination with the Department of Transportation and SR397 & E. Columbia Drive Water Line project that are in the same vicinity.