2017 Water/Sewer CIP Phase 2

Important Dates

Start Date:          February, 2018
End Date:           End of July, 2018      
Location:             Various locations throughout the city  
Estimated Cost:  $825,000

Project Description

The project will improve water and sewer infrastructure at various locations in Kennewick. Existing water and sewer pipe will be replaced with newer pipe beside the older pipe lines still keeping the existing water line or sewer line in service. All the side services from the water line will be replaced to the existing meters at specific sites. There will be scheduled outages in which the public will  be notified.  In some areas the existing water pipe is not adequate for fire flow suppression. The City has proposed to improve the water pipe network by installing a larger pipe to support fire flow in those areas. 


Currently, the contractor, Sharpe & Preszler, Inc., is installing water lines under the CID Canal at Gum Street and 4th Avenue.  Once completed, this project will be on hold until late April, due to the closure of the local asphalt plants, which will reopen in the spring.