Current Projects

Columbia Gardens
  1. Bob Olson Parkway

    Bob Olson Parkway

    This is the final phase of the Steptoe/Bob Olson Parkway project. The completion of this project will result in a full City standard roadway corridor from US 395 to SR 240.

  2. Columbia Drive Streetscape

    Columbia Drive Streetscape

    This is a partnership project with the Port of Kennewick in support of the Columbia Gardens Urban Wine Village.

  3. Safe Clearwater Avenue

    Safe Clearwater Avenue

    This safety project studied a 5.7 mile corridor of Clearwater Avenue from US 395 to Ridgeline/Leslie to prioritize safety improvements needed.

  4. Southridge Boulevard Extension

    Southridge Boulevard Extension

    This project is for the reconstruction of Southridge Boulevard, north from Christensen Road for approximately 2100’ to tie into the existing curbs south of the Southridge Boulevard and Ridgeline Drive roundabout. The project includes water, sewer, storm drainage, curb and gutter, sidewalk, streetlights and other miscellaneous improvements.

  5. Zone 5 Reservoir Transmission Main

    Zone 5 Reservoir Transmission Main

    This project is for the construction of approximately 2,877 lineal feet of 18-inch diameter ductile iron water main from the future intersection of Sherman Street and W. 30th Avenue to the City’s Thompson Hill Reservoir. The project includes excavation and embankment for a future street, construction of a gravel access road, and other miscellaneous work.

  6. SR397 Storm Line

    SR397 Storm Line

    This project is for the lining of an existing storm line under SR397 just north of 1st Avenue.

  7. SR397 & E. Columbia Drive Waterline

    SR397 & E. Columbia Drive Waterline

    This project consists of the installation of water mains within the City of Kennewick and Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) right of way. Work includes the installation of 8-inch and 12-inch diameter water mains, replacement of existing water service lines and fire hydrants, boring and jacking a 24-inch diameter steel casing, asphalt and gravel restoration, and other miscellaneous items.

  8. 2017 Asphalt Pavement Restoration

    2017 Asphalt Pavement Restoration

    This project is for the HMA patching of failed pavement areas throughout the city. Work includes traffic control, pavement markings, utility adjustments, and other miscellaneous improvements.

  9. WWTP Upgrades - Phase 1

    WWTP Upgrades - Phase 1

    Improve effluent discharge treatment by replacing the existing UV treatment system – better treatment and reduced energy use. Add back up generator power for UV system and final treatment to ensure NPDES discharge compliance. Intercepting sludge lagoon overflow going to the final clarifiers and placing it back into the front end of the treatment stream – improves discharge quality. Influent pump station access and overhead crane addition to provide for more effective maintenance capabilities on the headwork pump system. Installation of bypass valve to provide alternative flow route into the plant when failure occurs in the primary headwork rake system.