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Kamiakin High School is set to complete $17 million in updates this summer.  The addition of 12 classrooms will bring the schools capacity to 2,000 students. Read on at Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.
The Auburn Center, a 21 suite office complex is being remodeled and rebranded.  New vehicle access from 10th Ave. will bring additional traffic to the area. Several of the suites have already been filled with the hopes of a new pharmacy being added.  Read on at Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.
Miramar Health Center, adjacent to Vista Field, has opened this month. This facility is part of the regional chain of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinics and will improve health care for uninsured and low income individuals in our community.  Read on at Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.
Canal Village, a mixed-use development at 5373 and 5331 Canal Drive, near the intersection with Edison Street, in Kennewick welcomed its first tenants in November.  Read on at Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business
Benton County Commissioners Designate $3.5 Million for CARES Act Community Support Grant Program
Kennewick, WA – Benton County Commissioners have designated $3.5 million for the CARES Act Community Support Grant Program, which will provide local businesses grant assistance, with no repayment requirements.
These local business grants will be administered by the Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC), and applications for grant funding will be open starting July 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM. Applications can be found online at
Benton County businesses and non-profits of all sizes are eligible to apply for funding to cover expenses incurred on or after March 27, 2020. The final application deadline is September 25, 2020.
Businesses can find information on eligibility requirements, application deadlines, eligible expenses, FAQs, required documents, and more on the attached flyer or online at
To assist businesses and facilitate the safe restart of our local economy, City Council unanimously passed on July 7th, an ordinance temporarily waiving minimum off-street parking requirements for restaurant and retail uses in commercial zones. This provides restaurant and retail businesses an opportunity to temporarily utilize up to 50% of their required, existing outdoor off-street parking spaces to increase their occupancy during the phased reopening as outlined in the Governors “Safe Start” plan. Additionally, restaurant and retail businesses may temporarily utilize 100% of their existing off-street parking that is in excess of the minimum required off-street parking spaces as determined by the City of Kennewick. More Info...
May 2019 As we round back from our recent trip to ICSC RECon 2019 we've been exploring several opportunities to make resources more simplistic to access on the City's website. The City's Parcel Map now contains an overlay that represents the City's designated Opportunity Zones; simply click the layer icon on the top right of the Parcel Map and check the box next to 'Kennewick Opportunity Zones' to view the overlay. By enabling this layer you can view Opportunity Zone layers side-by-side with other parcel data. We've also updated the City's website to reflect some oft-requested features. Now when you visit the Economic Development Main Page you can hover over the 'Your Business' tab to view both Development Applications and Forms and a shortcut to the Express Permitting Program.
March 2019 Commercial development in the City's Southridge Opportunity Center continues to grow, and the recently completed multi-tenant space at Ridgeline Drive and Plaza Way is just one component of that expansion. That development has allowed Knutzen Engineering to move next door to accommodate their growing company, while freeing up space for additional retail/restaurant/office space in Phase I. Just across Highway 395 is the recently completed branch of STCU, which will soon be neighbors with a locally owned franchise of a popular Restaurant and Sports Bar.
February 2019 The City of Kennewick in collaboration with Fuse SPC and Red Mountain Kitchen are offering a food and beverage based workshop - Fuse Launch: Ideation, This 5-week course is designed to give you a surface level understanding of your food business idea, including where to start. At the end you will have the tools to create your own food business and launch it with confidence. Tickets for the workshop are $50-75, and scholarships are available from State of Motion.
January 2019 Opportunity Zone Incentives have the greatest value in 2019! While Opportunity Zone deferral can be taken advantage of anytime before 2026, the greatest opportunity for additional incentives can be obtained by reinvesting in Kennewick in 2019. The full bevy of partial abatements and earnings on basis readjustment begin the earlier you reinvest. Find more information here, or email us to discuss available properties for reinvestment potential!
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