Who Should I Contact for Non Code Related Concerns?

Often times the Code Enforcement department receives calls or complaints that are not enforced by Code Enforcement and would be directed to other agencies.  Below is a list of contacts for other common situations.

Non Code Related Problems

Type of Concern Contact Agency Contact Phone
Vicious or Loose Dogs Tri-City Animal Control (509) 545-3740
Blowing Dust Benton Franklin Clean Air Authority (509) 783-1304
Excessive Noise Kennewick Police Department (509) 628-0333
Vehicles Parked Illegally on Street Kennewick Police Department (509) 628-0333
RV's Being Stored on Street Kennewick Police Department (509) 628-0333
Standing Water Benton County Mosquito Control (509) 967-2414
Electrical Problems/Violations Labor and Industries (509) 735-0130
Properties Outside City Limits but in Benton County Benton County Code Enforcement (509) 735-3500
Noxious Weeds Noxious Weed Control Board (509) 786-6988
Building Issues or Violations City of Kennewick Building Department (509) 585-4561
Soil Contamination Department of Ecology (509) 575-2490
Fire Code Violations Kennewick Fire Department (509) 585-4302
Civil Issues  Dispute Resolution Center (509) 783-3325
Burning Restrictions Benton County Clean Air Authority (509) 783-1304