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The basic license fee for most businesses is $55 plus $5 for each full-time equivalent employee or FTE. "Employee" means any person who performs work, labor, or services for a business and is on the business payroll. The term "employee" also includes self-employed persons, sole-proprietors, owners, managers, partners, and all full-time, part-time, and temporary employees on the business payroll.

Additional regulatory fees apply for the following businesses. See instructions for additional information.

  • Cabarets
  • Vehicles for Hire
  • Adult Concessions
  • Alarm Dealers & Installers
  • Secondhand Dealers

Applicants need to contact the Washington State Department of Revenue to obtain a UBI tax number and a Master Business License prior to applying for a City of Kennewick Business License. Additional agencies may need to be contacted depending on the type of business being licensed. See the applicable application form for additional information.

It takes about 10 business days to review a new license application provided the submission has been completed with all the necessary information.

Listings of New Businesses:

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