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Animal Licensing:
The City does not have a licensing requirement but does participate in the Tri-City Animal Control program whose primary goals are to ensure that lost dogs and cats are returned to their owners and to enforce compliance from property owners whose dogs or cats are creating a public nuisance. The City strongly promotes pet owners using identification tags on their pets and having their pets micro-chipped for permanent identification so that if a pet is ever lost it can be reunited with its owner. Dogs and cats are required to have rabies vaccinations and will not be released from impoundment without proof of a current rabies vaccination. There are special permitting requirements for pit bull breeds or pets that have been designated as potentially dangerous or dangerous animals. These permits are issued through Tri-Cities Animal Control. In areas zoned for farm animals (cattle, horses, sheep, etc.), there are no special permitting requirements.

Barking Dogs:
The City Attorney's Office can assist you with a barking dog problem. In order to create a violation of the city's barking dog ordinance, the animal must bark continuously for a period for more than five minutes. If you have been the victim of a barking dog, and have not been able to obtain the owner's cooperation in quieting the animal, please complete a Complaint Form and return it to the City Attorney's Office at PO Box 6108, Kennewick, WA 99336.

Animal Control:
The Animal Control Authority was established to maintain administrative oversight of animal control services that are provided to the citizens of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. Currently Tri-City Animal Shelter and Control provides this service. Citizens who have concerns with animal control services within the City of Kennewick should direct their inquiry to Angela Zilar at Tri-City Animal Shelter and Control at (509) 545-3740.

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