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The Kennewick Police Department volunteer program started in 1994 with 24 volunteers whose sole mission was to provide support to the police department. Citizens Helping in Police Services ( C.H.I.P.S. ) was selected as the name and granted non-profit status in 2001. The program has 38 volunteers. In 2015 these volunteers contributed 9,069 hours to the mission of the Kennewick Police Department.

C.H.I.P.S. is committed to enhancing the mission of the Kennewick Police Department by:

    Being a resource to assist department personnel when needed
    Supporting each other and fostering development of the volunteer program;
    Collaborating with the City of Kennewick in "Building a Better Community"

Prior to acceptance into the volunteer program with the Kennewick Police, a citizen must complete the annual Citizens Academy held each Spring.

The Citizen Academy is a 5-week series of classes that provides an overview of the Kennewick Police Department's operations and functions.Classes meet Wednesday and Thursday evenings for approximately 2 1/2 hours each night. Initial training is supplemented with monthly meetings and task-specific training for those who become a volunteer. In addition to completion of the Academy, volunteers are required to pass a background check.

C.H.I.P.S. have had a significant and positive impact on the community due to the services that they provide. They meet monthly at the Police Department as a means for training and for guest speakers. Activities that they are involved in are listed below.

Handicap Parking Enforcement - Volunteers performing this task are required to have a limited commission issued by the Chief of Police, allowing them to write Handicap Parking Notice of Infractions.

Abandoned Vehicle Tagging - Volunteers tag vehicles that have been identified on the Abandoned Vehicle Notification Form completed by police personnel. Vehicles are tagged and registered owners are contacted.

Radar Reader Board Deployment - Volunteers regularly deploy the radar reader board in specified areas of the City, mainly in school zones.

Water Storage Security- Volunteers assist the City's water department in maintaining security of all city water storage and pumping facilities.

Vehicle Maintenance - Volunteers shuttle vehicles in need of maintenance, including delivery and pickup at the City Shops as well as the car wash. They also re-supply equipment that is assigned to patrol and detective vehicles as the need arises.

Bicycle Recovery
- When a citizen reports and abandoned bicycle on their property, a KPD officer tags the bicycle, and a volunteer retrieves the tagged bicycle and takes it to the Police Station. 

Office and Administrative Support - Volunteers provide support as needed, such as helping in the Crime Prevention office and with officers who monitor and report on sex offenders in Kennewick. 

Mail Run- Volunteers provide daily mail delivery to and from various locations: The Benton County Justice Center, South East Communication Center (SECOMM), City Hall, the Juvenile Justice Center as needed, and the City of Kennewick Municipal Services building.

Special Events- Volunteers provide support to police officers and the public at the Benton-Franklin County Fair, Water Follies Boat Races, National Night Out, Community Parades, Health & Safety Expo, New Year's Eve First Night Event, Halloween Events, Food Drives, Memorial Services, Crossing Guard Picnic, Charity Events, and Child Safety Seat Fittings.

If you are interested in becoming part of the CHIPS program contact us.

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